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Thursday, 26 January 2012

170. Bar Exchange, St Anns Square

Bar Exchange, St Anns Square. (c) Royal Exchange.

Advertised as a place for relaxing post-work or pre-show drinks, a visit to Bar Exchange was paid for the latter and intervals drinks in what is one of Manchester's most impressive interiors, the Royal Exchange. As to be expected, a dreadful selection of beer was on offer - bottles of Becks and Peroni only - so a first ever J W Lees Smooth had to be taken along with a glass of claret (which was kindly replaced FOC when an eager young theatre-goer knocked it over).  This bar could be so much more, and attract shoppers from the pub-less St Anns Square, but as it is, there's not much to be said for it apart from it's handy at half-time.

Royal Exchange, St Anns Square. (c) manchestergayvillageblogspot.


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  1. There was talk at one time of this becoming a more general venue along the lines you suggest. However, that seems to have long vanished and it remains a major wasted opportunity.