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Monday, 6 December 2010

139. Millstone, Thomas Street

Millstone, Thomas Street. (c) Mickaul at flickr.

Lots of similarities here to the Wheatsheaf, in that the Millstone is a community pub nestled amongst the trendy haunts of the Northern Quarter, but generally attracts anybody but the hip and trendy crowd.  In fact, upon our visit on Saturday to "Kareoke night" the place was packed to the rafters with older people enjoying a good night out and knees up.  At quieter times of the week, though, it can attract a few of local "characters" who may appear intimidating to the uninitiated.  The arrival of summer sees the front windows thrown open and semi-al fresco street boozing.

Millstone, Thomas Street. (c) bezzer66 at flickr.

As for the beer, John Willie Lees ales, a good Manchester brewer, and an excellent pint of Coronation Street ale was sampled.  The usual other Lees suspects were in evidence, but we were only doing the one in here, particularly with how busy it was.  As seen below in the 1990s and here in the '70s, the Millstone was previously a Wilsons house.  The pub dates back to 1794 making it one of Manchester's old survivors, though the pub's had a rebuild or two, I'd wager.  All in all, the Millstone is a decent enough pub when busy, certainly worth calling into for a quick pint, and is a reasonable and traditional alternative to the overpriced Bay Horse and trendy bars down the road.

Millstone, Thomas Street, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

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