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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

140. Golftorium, Ducie Street

Golftorium, Ducie Street. (c) golftorium.
Sat a little way up Ducie Street from Piccadilly and just before the Jolly Angler is the Golftorium Bar and indoor golf experience.  Here you can play most of the worlds' courses, from the comfort of the bar, with beer as well and without wandering a yard!  Is it accurate?  In truth, probably not.  But it's good fun to while away an hour or two in an afternoon before heading out for a session.

Golftorium, Ducie Street. (c) golftorium.
It was quiet when we arrived but this was a Monday afternoon, and so was to be expected.  No real ale as you would expect, so Guinness was the drink of choice and as befits bars of this ilk it was a tad pricey.  You don't have to play golf, you can just have a drink and its canal side location would make it nice in summer I suspect.  Similarly, even non-players can watch with their pints as their mates have a go.  Worth a try, albeit I don't think I'll be becoming a member or anything.


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