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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hope, Mulberry Street

Before Mulberry Street was lined with warehouses it was a rather dingy street lined with some private houses, a couple of houses of alleged disrepute, and The Hope public house [1].  This was before Manchester became "Cottonopolis" requiring warehousing, and by the 1840s The Hope was lost.  The one building that Mulberry Street is still famous for today, St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, or "The Hidden Gem" (built 1794; perhaps The Hope took its name from the church), survived development, although it did end up with a coach manufactory as its next door neighbour [2].

St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, "The Hidden Gem", Mulberry Street (c) hiddengem.

1. Reminiscences of Manchester Fifty Years Ago, Josiah Slugg (1881).
2. Manchester City Centre 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2008).

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