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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jumpin' Jaks / Billie Rox, Portland Street

Billie Rox, Portland Street. (c) googlemaps.

Jumpin' Jaks was a large, dreadful bar and club on the corner of Portland Street and Dickinson Street, which I think I had the displeasure of visiting in the '90s.  It was memorable only for the clientèle (mainly underage, all pissed and the type of which flock to Deansgate Locks these days for a good night out) though it did have a huge mural of Hilda Ogden on the dancefloor which earns it some credibility.  More recently it changed its name to Billie Rox, which sounds just as bad, and even had a stint as a roller disco before shutting a year or two ago.  What is to become of this impressive building on this low-brow street is anyone's guess.

Billie Rox, Portland Street. (c) qype.

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