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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Flying Horse, Hunts Bank

Probable former location of Flying Horse, Hunts Bank. (c) googlemaps.

The Flying Horse was built on the 26 yards of new roadway that were created in 1836 by the building of the improved route through Hunts Bank.  It cost the princely sum of £10 to build the pub.  Its location is described as between on the stretch of Hunts Bank between the Cathedral and where Victoria Station would go on to be built near Hunts Bank Bridge (which now carried the railway lines [1] - so probably along the stretch marked as Victoria Street on the above map.  The Flying Horse looks like it was a short-lived pub as there is no mention of it on the 1849 map and could well have made way for the larger Palatine Hotel which was built in 1843 to cater for Victoria Station.

1. Beneath Manchester, Keith Warrender (2009).

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