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Friday, 17 September 2010

Three Sugar Loaves Tavern, Water Street

This question from Mark on the Pineapple, Water Street entry led us to the 1848 Ordnance Survey Town Plans map of the area either side of the River Irwell [1]. The snap below shows that the Three Sugar Loaves Tavern was not where the Pineapple once stood.

Three Sugar Loaves Tavern, Water Street, 1848. (c) Alan Godfrey Maps [1].

Marked in red, the Three Sugar Loaves was on the corner of the Manchester side of Water Street and the north side Back Quay Street. The pub was on the end of a row of six dwellings, double fronted with a rear yard or small court accesible off Back Quay Street. Further up Water Street on the same side and on the north corner of Cobden Street is the Old Quay Tavern (highlighted in blue). Down Water Street from the Three Sugar Loaves is the Drover & Pine Apple Inn, next to the New Botany Yard Warehouse - our modern day Pineapple. In the 1850 Slater's directory Frederick Daniels is named at 103 Water Street, Three Sugar Loaves Tavern [1]. Frederick Daniels is Mark's relative in question, but although the ancestory records show a same-named passing away at the Three Sugar Loaves Tavern in 1875, this was actually Frederick Snr's son.

By overlaying the 1848 map with a present day map, the exact site of the Three Sugar Loaves can be seen.

Water Street 1848 and today. (c) Alan Godfrey Maps [1] & googlemaps.

Back Quay Street is now nothing more than a short path, as New Quay Street now passes through the area behind the Three Sugar Loaves, which was a warren of short streets such as Pitt Street, Wright Street, Back Wright Street, Grindle Street and Cobden Street. The pub stood pretty much where the trees area just to the left of the path (Back Quay Street).

Former site of Three Sugar Loaves Tavern, Water Street. (c) googlemaps.

1. New Bailey & Ordsall Lane 1848, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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