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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Press Club, Queen Street

Press Club, Queen Street. (c) yelp.

This famous members-only club was founded in 1870 as the plaque at the easy-to-miss door on Queen Street off Deansgate reads (also instructing non-members to use the back door on Lloyd Street).  As the name suggests the Press Club was the haunt, almost exclusively, of Manchester's newspaper workers and this was extended to include media workers such as the Granada TV and BBC staff as well, serving till at least 5am, 7 nights a week.  It also was open to selected other professionals such as police, firemen and teachers (quite why such noble types would want to be drinking till 5am...).  Although truth be told, on the one occasion I ended up in the Press Club, it was with police staff (it's not that hard to get in if you know, or claim to know, the right people).  The tired old '70s decor and old-working men's club style drinks on offer were rather surprising, but is meant to be all part of its charm.  As far as celebrities go, these days some of the Corrie cast apparently still frequent the place, but the more discerning stars surely head for the Circle Club.  The Press Club was owned by Jack McCall then David Murphy in the 1960s and '70s. A stalwart of the club, barmaid, door lady and recent licensee, Joan Ross, died in December 2006 [1].  The Press Club is Manchester's last restrictive private members club, following the loss of the Green Door Club on Shudehill.

Press Club, Queen Street. (c) yelp.



  1. Jack McAll had the press club on hardman street, he didn't move to queen street until 1990... his young friend Dave Murphy took over when Jack died in about 2005.

    1. Correct Dave took over in around 2002-2003 when Jack died.

    2. Correct Dave took over in around 2002-2003 when Jack died.