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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lord Stanley, Ormond Street

Before the Manchester Metropolitan University came to this part of town, Lower Ormond Street used to be known simply as Ormond Street and it extended further south of Cheste Street. On the corner of Chester Street and Ormond Street was the Lord Stanley, an end terrace in what was a short row of the dreaded back-to-backs. There was hundreds, nay thousands of back-to-backs in this area as shown on the 1844 map of Hulme [1]. The exact spot where the Lord Stanley stood was at this near side of this MMU tower.

Former site of Lord Stanley, Ormond Street. (c) googlemaps.

1. Hulme 1844, Alan Godfrey Maps (2007).


  1. I lived in the Lord Stanley for 8 years in the 60's. It was a great "Irish" pub all through the decade. The correct address was Rosamond Street. I will try and post a picture. PJ

  2. you are both 100% right. My Dad live in The Lord Stanley in Rosamond Street up to 1960, his Mum Margaret Lillis was the landlady. They then went on to The All Saints Tavern. But there was another Lord Stanley, it used to stand at the side of the MMU tower. So my Dad and all my family say!