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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Waverley Hotel, Eccles New Road

Waverley Hotel, Eccles New Road, Salford. (c) Salford Pubs of the 70s at flickr [2].

The Waverley Hotel building is still open for business on the corner of Thurlow Street and Eccles New Road, behind the monolithic flats that mark the very start of the M602.  Although unfortunately it's as a Chinese take-away rather than a public house these days.

New China Sea, former Waverley Hotel. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

The Waverley Hotel opened in 1875 under Thomas Shepherd and advertised Threlfall's celebrated ales, Bass & Allsopp bitter, and Truman, Hanbury & Buxton stout, plus 'every accommodation for travellers and cyclists' [2].

Waverley Hotel, Eccles New Road, Salford, 1996. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

Threlfall's had the pub in the first half the twentieth century and it then passed to Whitbread in the 1960s.  The Waverley Hotel closed in 1995 and is pictured a year later, sadly boarded up, in Neil Richardson's fine book (Part Three) [2].

New China Sea, former Waverley Hotel, Eccles New Road, Salford. (c) Whose View.

2. Salford Pubs - Part Three: Including Cross Lane, Broad Street, Hanky Park, the Height, Brindleheath, Charlestown and Weaste, Neil Richardson (2003).


  1. That takes me back. My dad used to drink in there when my mum took us kids up to our gran's who lived on My Street just round the back of that pub. The modern My Street in Salford is in a different place, I found an old 1935 street map to confirm my memory wasn't failing. At least the old building is still there, everything else in the area was flattened in the late 70's. I love this blog, it brings back memories and sends me looking for old things all over the Internet :)

  2. It's great to see a blog of this quality. I learned a lot of new things and I'm looking forward to see more like this. Thank you.

  3. In the early 80's i recall the landlord was Harold Henney a tough cumbrian prop who was playing for Salford at the time.

  4. I just found this site, in the fifties I was a kid living on wynford street round the back of this pub. On weekends all of us kids would hang around the pub watching people come and go and taking down bus numbers. Nerds or what. We would sit on the window sills we never got moved on.