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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Grey Horse Inn, Wilmslow Road

Former location of Grey Horse Inn, Wilmslow Road, Rusholme. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

The Grey Horse Inn is shown on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, not far from Maine Road, in 1973 as a Greenall Whitley pub.  In this 1959 photo of the pub, its proximity to the Huntsman can be seen, so its former location was where this ugly block of shops is.  The 1959 shot also shows the Trocadero that used to stand next to the Huntsman and the 'Television Club' next to the Grey Horse.  This may have been the same Starlight Club - a popular pre-match haunt for City fans - which was once above the Grey Horse Inn (the 1973 photo shows a small sign which may read 'The Starlight Club').

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