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Monday, 27 February 2012

178. Ashlea / Railway, Manchester Road

Ashlea, Manchester Road, Cheadle. (c) Pub Explorer.

Formerly known as the Railway, this was a real back-in-the-day Boddies house, popular with youngsters and generally busy until its surprise closure in approximately 1993.  A few months and a refurbishment later and the Ashlea 'gastro pub' was unveiled.  Clearly somebody thought Cheadle needed a pub of this ilk, however, in reality it's little more than a Table Table type restaurant aiming at families and couples in a sterile and unspectacular environment.  Inside it has shades of Slug & Lettuce with its big sofas and bookshelves and cabinets, in fact the quiz machine and fruit machine seem somewhat out of place in the darkened interior.

Ashlea, Manchester Road, Cheadle. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

With regards to ale, we were pleased to see the above signage up on arrival, advertising Marston's single hop ales, only to be told that this was not in fact available and therefore it was back to standard fayre of Black Sheep (how else is "Galaxy" pronounced by the way, if not like the chocolate bar?).  So, the Ashlea is a pleasant enough pub if you're middle-aged or with wife and family, but for the discerning drinker or the fan of proper pubs, give me the old Railway any day of the week.  Website:

Ashlea, Manchester Road, Cheadle. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

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