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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Crescent / Old Brewery, Bell Crescent

Old Brewery, Bell Crescent, Beswick. (c) Old Maps.

The Crescent was a Chesters estate pub, previously known as the Old Brewery on Bell Crescent, just off Ashton Old Road in Beswick.  As the Old Brewery, it had a dodgy reputation and actually predated the final razing of the Fort Beswick flats (sister to the Fort Ardwick abomination).  The flats can be seen behind the council houses in this 1983 photo taken from Bell Crescent.  

Chesters beers. (c) Tavern Trove.

In the 1989 CAMRA Pub Guide, the Crescent received a glowing review, however, with enthusiastic licensees giving an 'improving area' (their words) a much-improved, spacious, modern pub.  The vault boasted a timber ceiling and pubs games, the large lounge was furnished in pastel shades, while the bar proudly boasted a "Real Ale" plaque, which clearly pleased the pub reviewers, offering Chesters Bitter and Mild [1].  The Crescent sounds like a belting estate pub

1. Ale of Two Cities: Real Ale and Real Pubs in Manchester and Salford, CAMRA (1989).

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