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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Via Vita Café Bar & Restaurant, Albert Square

Via Vita was a chain built up by the same team that brought transient establishments like J W Johnson's Bar & Restaurant, the Living Room (same venue as JWJ's), Life Café and Prohibition to Manchester [1]. It was situated in the unit now occupied by Shirley's sandwich shop in the same block as Slug & Lettuce on Albert Square, across the way from Gerard's Brasserie (dull foodie place that didn't even have their Stella tap working when we went in, hence its non-inclusion). These ugly ground floor locations enjoy the finest view in Manchester (that of the Town Hall) but despite this, by all accounts Via Vita was similar to the bars here today: a bit crap.

Shirley's, former location of Via Vita, Albert Square. (c)

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