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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mystery Deansgate pub

40 Deansgate, "1870s." (c) Kethry / Greater Manchester Police Museum.

This intriguing photo of No.40 Deansgate from the 1870s, described near Bridge Street, is displayed in the Greater Manchester Police Museum and I'm sure I've seen it before with the pub or beerhouse named... but I'm damned if I remember where. Since then I've come across a few interesting variations of the same shot including this spooky one from the the Archives.

40 Deansgate, "1880s." (c) manchesterconfidential.

40 Deansgate, "1870s." (c) pawqualitycomics.

Until recently, No.40 Deansgate was the old-fashioned restaurant, Pizzeria Italia, beneath the Ramada at the top end of Deansgate, which had been in business since about 100 years after the photo was taken - since 1973. However, it is likely that Deansgate was renumbered at some point, as it's likely that No.40 was down near John Rylands Library back in the day (i.e. near Bridge Street as described in the top photo).

Pizzeria, 40 Deansgate. (c) qype.


  1. It does look like the arches could have been modelled on the original building there. Im assuming we know that the bramada wasnt built over and around the original building do we?

  2. Darren Turpin ( said...

    I think it's a wine-merchant's. I ran a quick Google search for 'Holt and Jones Importer Manchester' (based on the sign in the main photo), which came up with the following:

    Seems Fred Aldous (founder of the art supplies shop that's still in business in Manchester today) worked for Holt and Jones before setting up his own business.

    I wonder if the Holt in question was the Joseph Holt who went into (or was already involved in) the Holt's brewery?