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Monday, 16 August 2010

113. Barcelona, Hilton Street

Sat just round the corner from the Black Dog Ballroom is a strange little place which seems to be a mixture of bar, restaurant, café and deli. It was pleasant enough though and we sat and stood outside at the single table and two chairs drinking Estrada Spanish beer and Birra Morretti. Obviously as is the case with a place of this nature, there was no real ale available, but the lagers were OK just for a change - the genuine article rather than UK-brewed fizz masquerading as continental. This is yet another example of bar/restaurant that litter the Northern Quarter, whether it survives is anyones guess, but maybe it needs something different to entice punters in. Indeed, until Saturday, we didn't even know this place existed, and it was empty despite the lovely waitresses. A quirky little place, not bad for one, couldnt see you doing much more than that unless you were eating here.

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