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Sunday, 8 August 2010

107. Cord, Dorsey Street

Cord was one of the Northern Quarter's better bars a decade when it opened, tucked away off Tib Street, but now feels a bit dull alongside the dozens of other places that have appeared. A recent renovation, which involved flipping the bar and old booths from one side to the other, have only succeeded in making the place feel plusher as the characteristic cord-covered furniture has been replaced with plastic and imitation leather.

Cord, new interior. (c) cord.

Cord, old interior (c) manchesterad.

Cord still gets gets packed at the weekend with DJs playing but with no ale on, except a couple of bottled offerings, including the wonderful Worthington's White Shield, there's not that much to offer the beer lover. However, it caters well for the cocktails and lager crowd and at least it's open all day unlike some of its neighbours. The basement is also worth a look with fantastic old yellow and brown tiling.

Cord, basement. (c) cord.

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  1. Originally this was very good, albeit it very smoky, with Phoenix beers on. As the competition increased, it got progressively worse.