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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Mason's Arms, Pump Street

Pump Street was in front of London Road Station, approximately where Whitworth Street starts today. Whitworth Street is one of central Manchester's newer roads, linking London Road with Oxford Street, but in the mid-1800s Pump Street was one of several short streets and courts around this little area - Brook Street, Lower Brook Street, Brook Court, Syers Court, Birch's Court [1]. The latter of these being the notorious court dwellings which were essentially a number of two up-two down or even worse, back-to-back houses, which all faced inwards to a central shared court. The houses were without plumbing or toilets so unfortunately these courts were usually a dumping ground for waste and sewage. In 1849 there was no pub on Pump Street but by the late 1800s, the Mason's Arms is recorded at No.27 and was kept by James Hilton. When Pump Street was lost to Whitworth Street, the White Hart (now Monroes) went from being a mid-terrace pub to a corner pub as many dwellings and premises were cleared for the through-road.

1. Manchester (London Road) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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