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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Roe Buck Inn, Ashton Street (Lower Byrom Street)

Before the Museum of Science & Industry came to town, this area off Liverpool Road before the railway station comprised Wellington Place (used to extend from the opposite side and so span Liverpool Road), New Street, Sage Street, Back Sage Street, Ashton Street, Dumbar Street and Garden Court [1]. The Roe Buck Inn stood on the corner of Wellington Place (what is now the bottom part of Lower Byrom Street) and Ashton Street. The 1848 map has Lower Byrom Street in brackets, so perhaps it was in the process of being renamed, which confusingly is at right angles to the modern Lower Byrom Street. The exact location of the Roe Buck is where the black and glass entrance museum entrance stands today.

Museum of Science & Industry, former site of Roe Buck Inn. (c) googlemaps.

1. Castlefield 1848, Alan Godfrey Maps (2008).

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