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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Film Exchange, Quay Street

The Film Exchange was a members club that used to provide hardened drinkers with a place to sup during afternoon closing in the 1970s and early '80s.  In the early '80s it had a membership scheme where three members had to vouch for you, then it was £4 a year [1]. I suppose it complemented the Press Club (which still provides all night drinking) and was apparently just as easy to get into so long as you were with or claimed to know a member [2]. The Film Exchange was close to the Hospital for Skin Diseases opposite the Opera House on Quay Street, seen in 1975 and 1988, and was an equally as elegant building. Sadly, both have been demolished and replaced with nondescript offices, as shown below.

Site of Hospital for Skin Diseases and Film Exchange, Quay Street. (c) googlemaps.


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  2. This is where Pat Phoenix and Tony Booth had their first date after reuniting in around 1979/80. Just looked up the pub after reading her mention it in her second book, 'Love, Curiosity, Freckles and Doubt'. Interesting page, shame no photos of the place.

  3. I recall the film exchange very well as i worked on the fit out . We were polishers and finished all the wood work . Contract company was j.t. atkinsons builders from clayton . Club owner i recall was a gerald sumner. Resturant upstairs i think and main bar down stairs lots of memorabilia on walls etc . Recal anitta baker being played by the bar manager . Sadly it was wrong time wrong place and did not last . Chris henderon manchester the good days