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Monday, 16 August 2010

114. Noho, Stevenson Square

Yet another bar in a quieter part of the Northern Quarter but one which might just become the next big area, due to its excellent location and available retail units around Stevenson Square. Indeed if ever they get rid of the buses and the traffic, this could become quite a thriving cosmopolitan area for drinkers and socialites. Noho itself is a large, open, single-roomed place, with an eclectic mix of old-style furniture, whilst appearing quite modern in looks with New York style decor and with a small corner bar.

As usual for these places, there is no real ale available so it was a quick bottle of Desperado (tequila and lime flavoured lager at 5.9%) before moving onto the next place. A large screen on one side of the bar regularly shows classic films of an afternoon which adds a further attraction to those who would like to chill with a beer. The large shop front windows also provide for excellent people-watching opportunities as you watch the world and its wife go by!

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