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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tavern a laugh

Interesting article here in Chimp Magazine on the demise (or not) of Manchester's pubs, at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival. Pleasingly it finishes with one pub that has defied all odds and is flourishing despite these uncertain times, The Angel. Some stand-out points:

* John Quilter, former proprietor of Marmalade bistro in Beech Road, Chorlton, puts its malaise partly down to the decision to take pub ownership away from the breweries and into the hands of Pub-Cos; in his case, Punch Taverns ("the sub-prime daddy of the licensed trade").

* Significantly, Punch Taverns are on their arse, and shares were down from £13 to 31p when CEO Giles Thornley fell on his sword in March 2010.

* Some pubs deserve to close because the world has changed and they haven't (hello, Lord Nelson. Is that Athenaeum I hear calling?).

* Oliver Robinson, of Stockport's fine Robinson's Brewery, prides himself on the number of pubs they've kept open.

* The smoking ban has had zero effect on their bottom line.

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  1. good article in chimp but would have been interesting to see a more complete report of what was said - did any of the industry press write it up?

  2. Dunno, carnt see any evidence of a further write up. Most surprising comment of the article was the Robbies chap claiming the smoking ban hasn't affected his company. When many pubs are on their arse due to increases in rents, govt taxation still squeezing the pips, health fascists demonising ale, people being boracic lint, etc. surely the ban has also played its part in reducing numbers in his pubs. Our local Robbies house is usually deserted these days, sadly.

  3. Possibly, but you'd think he knows what he is talking about. You would have to have a real pair on you to call him out him about the smoking ban.

  4. blair ruined the pub industry with the smoking ban.