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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Admiral Collingwood, Fleet Street

Fleet Street was one of many streets that were lost when the Central Station (aka GMEX) and railway warehouses were built in the 1870s.  There must have been dozens of pubs lost when this station was built, so we'll try to dig up some details.  Fleet Street used to connect Deansgate with Lower Mosley Street and on it stood the Admiral Collingwood pub which was, for a time, ran by the same family as the Fox Inn (Admiral Collingwood was Horatio Nelson's right-hand man in the Napoleonic Wars).  Just before the railway came along they had special beer glasses made which were etched with 'William Austin Gibbons' (landlord) and 'Collingwood Hotel' [1].

1. The Manchester Village: Deansgate Remembered, Frank Heaton/Neil Richardson (1995).

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  1. Sorry to pick holes, but this pub was sold on the residue of a 1650 year lease in 1893. Central Station had opened in 1880, so it was not that station that led to its demise. It was actually demolished when the Great Northern warehouse was built. That opened in 1898.