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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Glasgow Arms, Lower Byrom Street

Glasgow Arms, Lower Byrom Street. (c) MLFHS.

The Glasgow Arms adorns front cover of the great little "The Manchester Village: Deansgate Remembered" book by Frank Heaton and Neil Richardson (it's available at the above MLFHS link). The cheerful young black lad is Bertie Armitage and the bloke in the top hat buying the kids ice cream is Eric Shell, a Great John Street bookie. He used to sup in the Glasgow Arms, and the local children would wait for him to come out and he would thrown a handful of pennies in the air, cue the kids scrambling and scrapping for the coins [1].

1. The Manchester Village: Deansgate Remembered, Frank Heaton/Neil Richardson (1995).


  1. Great to see this picture - my grandmother was a one-time landlady of the Glasgow Arms. Can't wait to see the book.

  2. Heard so many stories from my Mum and Gran (Francis) about this pub. It's lovely to see it.