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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Princess Tavern / Friendship Inn, Camp Street

The Princess Tavern beerhouse was an odd building for a bunch of teetotal Methodists to take over and make their HQ for preaching about the perils of strong drink. Even odder is that, instead of naming it something relevant and catchy such 'Squares R Us' or 'U Booze U Lose', they renamed their beerhouse the Friendship Inn Mission. One time they set up opposite the Fox Inn and started singing with a backing organ. Fox landlord, William Henry Forth, hailed a passing policeman and yelled: "I want you to go away! None of my customers will come in with you there. I've got a large family and I'm earning a living." And with that, the temperance movement packed up and went [1].

1. The Manchester Village: Deansgate Remembered, Frank Heaton/Neil Richardson (1995).

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