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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Corporation Hotel / Edinburgh Castle, Chapel Street

This hotel-cum-beerhouse was technically just outside our official boundary just over the Irwell in Salford, but since it was next door to where the Cathedral Arches premises is, we'll include it (in fact, anything on the river - like the Mark Addy and Pen & Wig - we'd best count). When the Palatine Bridge, which carries Chapel Street into Manchester, was opened in 1864, a James Warren Ingham built the Corporation Hotel on that little triangle of land between road and river. The Corporation was advertised as 100 yards from Victoria (and was almost part of Exchange Station, obviously), selling choice wines and "free and easy" every evening [1].

Former location of Edinburgh Castle. (c) googlemaps.

Unfortunately Ingham was never granted a full licence for the Corporation Hotel and it closed in 1866. Two years later the building was being run as a distribution depot and a beerhouse, the Edinburgh Ale Vaults, by McEwan's brewery of Edinburgh. When William Pollett took over from Jon Ross, he renamed it the Edinburgh Castle. In 1893, Joseph Holt's Brewery bought the beerhouse, but having fended off an attempt to shut it in 1907 under Henry Fenna, it was deemed structurally unsuitable by magistrates and it finally closed in 1918 with Elizabeth Robinson the licensee. This was despite the Edinburgh Castle's miniature spa garden overlooking the river, which was where the paved area outside Bijou, the old Cathedral Arches, is now [1].

1. Salford Pubs. Part One: The Old Town, including Chapel Street, Greengate and the Adelphi, Neil Richardson (2003).

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