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Thursday, 29 July 2010

House 9, Century Street

House 9, Century Street, 2009. (c) yelp.

House 9 only opened in 2009 in the multi-floored old lock keepers house adjacent to Deansgate Locks, but lasted just less than a calendar year [1]. It claimed to be a class above Deansgate Locks, which isn't difficult, and by all accounts attracted a trendy, exclusive crowd with suitably eye-watering prices at its several bars. Entry to the bar-club was free at times, other times it was a few quid, and despite minimal promotion it seemed to to attract decent numbers. But, it wasn't for us then, and it isn't for Manchester now. It obvious why it failed - look at how close it is to Death Row.

House 9 terrace, Century Street, 2009. (c) manchesterconfidential.

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