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Monday, 14 October 2013

Queens Arms, Regent Road

Queens Arms, Regent Road, Salford. (c) Neil Richardson, Tony Flynn, Alan Gall [1].

The Queens Arms or the 'Big Queens' was the original Threlfalls house that the Two Brewers estate pub replaced in 1963.  The landlord of the Queens walked from his old pub to his new one on the 8th of May 1963 - the estate pub was built next door to the Queens before its demolition.  The Queens Arms was built in the 1830s on the corner of West Cross Street and Regent Road, licensed in 1836 and passing to Threlfalls by the 1870s.  The merger of Threlfalls with Chesters Brewery gave the replacement estate pub its name [2].  Their location was on the north side of Regent Road, equidistant betwixt Oldfield Road and Ordsall Lane.

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