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Monday, 14 October 2013

Mitchell Arms, Every Street

Mitchell Arms, Every Street, Ancoats. (c) Gerald England at geograph under Creative Commons.

Like the Pomona Palace over on the other side of town, the Mitchell Arms has recently closed despite its decent match day trade from the Eastlands crowds.  Owners, the hapless, hopeless and horrible Punch Taverns, have been trying to flog it off for years and this season has seen it finally boarded up, seemingly for good.  It's been for sale for £195k with the estate agents urging alternative usage [1], such is the ruinous policy of the despicable large pub companies.

Mitchell Arms, Every Street. (c) Jenics.

The Mitchell Arms was a shabby old pub, offering little in the way of decent beer (keg Banks's or Guinness was usually the option), but as a match day pub it served its purpose and we used it a number of times over the years.  One midweek night game saw a lock-in with the landlord ordering takeaway curry for participants.  As a community boozer, it never looked particularly busy but this part of Ancoats isn't particularly well-pubbed (though the Bank of England has again reopened).

Mitchell Arms, Every Street. (c) Jenics.

It's odd that the pub has closed almost as soon as the new tram stop opened, bringing potentially more customers here on match days and maybe at other times too.  I've always wondered whether Joseph Holt's would see the potential of taking over a boozer at the Holt Town tram stop (answer: no).  Sadly, at least 180 years of history has been consigned to the dustbin.

Mitchell Arms, Every Street, 1950s. (c) Neil Richardson [3].

The Mitchell Arms stands on Every Street bound by Merrill (once Mitchell) Street, Beswick Street, Frost Street and Holt Town, and it started out as a beerhouse.  However, it was fully licensed by the 1840s, it's been owned by the Pollard Street Brewery, Walker & Homfrays, Wilsons and then Banks's [3].  Some proud old breweries there, before Punch Taverns did their thing.

Mitchell Arms, Every Street. (c) Gerald England at geograph under Creative Commons.

3. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).


  1. Oh what a shame. This served a good pint of Banks Mild under its long serving landlord and even got in the GBG on several occasions. I remember he was excited when the Commonwealth Games came to town as they started building a tram stop and he thought his ship had come in. Sadly, it didn't arrive until very much later. I can't believe this has closed and the Bank of England has reopened.

  2. With business rates I excess of seven grabd it's no wonder pubs aren't profitable

  3. We live right opposite this and have done for 20 years. It’s so unfortunate that for the past 10 it’s been abandoned and left to rot. The roof has fallen in and for a while it had squatters. Such a shame what with all the new development going on, that a building with such history can be totally neglected. I don’t think it’s salvageable now- it’s endured so many years without a roof

  4. We need to launch a crowdfunding campaign to restore this pub. What would you think?