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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Imperial Inn, Temperance Street

Imperial Inn (right) and Morland Arms, Temperance Street, Ardwick. (c) Hulme, C.on-M, All Saints, Ardwick FaceBook.

The Imperial Inn stood on Temperance Street in Ardwick; an unlikely name for a street containing a number of lost pubs.  The neighbouring beerhouse opposite the Imperial Inn is the Morland Arms.  Temperance Street still runs from Fairfield Street near Piccadilly Station, along the route of the railway, to Chancellor Lane, Ardwick.

Imperial Inn (right) and Morland Arms, Temperance Street. (c) Hulme, C.on-M, All Saints, Ardwick FaceBook.

The Imperial Inn is shown at the archives in these two photos from 1969 as a Groves & Whitnall house, advertising their Red Rose Ales.  Note the vault and bar parlour etched windows - the vault was the cheap room of pubs and beerhouses, usually wooden or stone floors and only basic seating.  The bar parlour (and the lounge in pubs) would charge a little more for beer, according to the slightly better decor (and supposedly, class of customer).

Former location of Imperial Inn, Temperance Street. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

The Imperial Inn and the Midland Arms used to stand here at the junction of Chapelfield Road, Rachel Street and Temperance Street, just off the Mancunian Way.  This area used to be a mix of residential and factories, but is now semi-derelict with some light industry persisting.

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  1. I walked through this area on my daily commute to work for 5 years and would never of guessed there was a pub there.(not a nice walk either)