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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Clough Tavern, Ordsall Lane

Clough Tavern, Ordsall Lane, Ordsall, Salford. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

The Clough Tavern was the next pub along Ordsall Lane after the Ordsall, on the corner of West Park Street.  Opening in the 1860s in what had previously been part of Ordsall Wood opposite Worrall's dyeworks reservoirs (Worrall Street still runs off Ordsall Lane here), by the start of the next century, Stopford's Brewery owned the beerhouse.

The Clough Tavern had a corner vault with clubroom above, and as it passed to Walker & Homfrays in 1927, the kitchen and vault had been knocked into one.  It passed to the W&H subsidiary, the Palatine Bottling Company, 10 years later before becoming a Wilsons house in the '50s.  The Clough Tavern was closed and pulled down in 1969 [1].

Former location of Clough Arms, Ordsall Lane (right). (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

1. Salford Pubs Part Two: Including Islington, Ordsall Lane and Ordsall, Oldfield Road, Regent Road and Broughton, Neil Richardson (2003). 

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