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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Heaven & Hell, Sackville Street

Heaven & Hell, Sackville Street. (c) Alan Lawson [1].

Heaven & Hell was a 1960s club in an old office building on Sackville Street, with Heaven on the ground floor and Hell in the basement [2].  As with many of the clubs and coffee bars of this period, the club wasn't licensed, but that didn't stop revellers indulging in alternative substances.  Heaven & Hell opened in 1963 and played host to many famous bands of the era - The Hollies, Herman's Hermits - though it was described as a dive of a place.  Downstairs seats were pulled out of buses, punters were often sprawled on the floor, wasted, and it went through a stage of being a hangout of homeless dossers.  The club owner, known as Greek George, stood outside in tears thanking everyone when he was forced to close the club down [2].  The old location of Heaven & Hell is the car park opposite the Thompsons Arms.

Former location of Heaven & Hell, Sackville Street. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.

1. It Happened in Manchester: True Story of Manchester's Music 1958-1963, Alan Lawson.

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