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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Yew Tree, Yew Tree Lane

Yew Tree, Yew Tree Lane, Northern Moor, Wythenshawe. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.

The penultimate of Wythenshawe's original interwar estate pubs (others bring the Benchill, SharstonRoyal ThornRoyal Oak and the Peel Hall) the Yew Tree was a local of mine for a short while, and despite a dodgy reputation, was an OK boozer for a game of darts or an al-fresco pint.  No real ale though and often no punters either, so it was no surprise to see terminal closure a couple of years ago, after many failed attempts to make a go of it.  Local rumours were of flats or a hotel, but Raoshi at the New Yew Tree opened in early 2013 as a bring-your-own Lebanese/Greek restaurant.  I'm unsure whether the depressed and depressing Northern Moor district of Wythenshawe can support this as a going concern, but the couple of online reviews to date are very positive.

Yew Tree, Yew Tree Lane, Northern Moor, Wythenshawe. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.

Going back to happier times, Alan Winfield visited the Yew Tree, with its Yewtopia club next door, in 1994 when it was a Wilsons house and they offered Wilsons bitter and mild.  Further back and we see the Yew Tree in 1973these three photos from 1959, and as far back as 1937 when it can't have been open long.  Northern Moor is an under-pubbed area as it is, especially the northern part along Sale Road (I'm sure the area around the Yew Tree used to be known as Kenworthy but can't see it on any maps), with the Gardeners and The Park in the estate and Northenden further afield being the only options now.

Raoshi, Yew Tree Lane. (c) ilovemanchester.

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  1. I was reliably informed from the landlady in the Cornishman the the Woodhouse Park was a social club and not a pub.