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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nelson, Ellor Street

Nelson, Ellor Street, Hanky Park, Salford. (c) Bob Potts [1].

The Nelson Inn was on the corner of Smethurst Street and Ellor Street in Hanky Park, opening in the 1860s as a small, two-up, two-down beerhouse.  It was enlarged in 1899 by absorbing two neighbouring houses and by 1911 it was owned by Peter Walkers brrewery of Warrington.  In these times, this, and other beerhouses, opened all hours, from 6am til 11pm, and the Nelson offered Walkers mild at just 1 1/2d when others milds such as Chesters and Walker & Homfray were 1/2d dearer.  The First World War saw all mild being set at 2 1/2 and the Nelson lost customers because of the rises.  Creese's Brewery of Hyde took over in 1920 before Tetley's of Leeds ran it until "Black Sunday" and the closure of so many of Hanky Park's pubs [2].  The Nelson was opposite the Wellington, so not far from the Flemish Weaver is today.

Nelson, Ellor Street, Hanky Park. (c) Neil Richardson [2].

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