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Monday 10 June 2013

Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street

Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street, Belle Vue. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

This cosy little Robinson's house on Belle Vue Street, in Belle Vue, West Gorton, has sadly been lost in recent years following the retirement of the long-established landlords and subsequent, inevitable downturn in fortunes [1].  

Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street, Belle Vue. (c) Gazza Taylor at YouTube.

The Coach & Horses had one last go as Brodies (pictured below) under African owners but this didn't last long.  Well-regarded for its beer and colourful local characters, I recall popping in the Coach & Horses once for a pre-film pint of something cold and fizzy in the 1990s.  

Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street, Belle Vue, West Gorton. (c) ManMates [2].

It was also a pub to visit before Belle Vue Aces speedway meetings, when they were held at Hyde Road and at as now on Kirkmanshulme Lane, and the lost but once famous Belle Vue Gardens with its amusement park, zoo and gig venue [3].  

Plot of the Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street (c) Pugh Auctions.

The Coach & Horses was demolished on 20th March 2008 [1] leaving a sorry looking emply plot, but thanks to the Manchester Local Studies Image Collection we have a 1971 archive photo to remember the pub by.

Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street. (c) Gazza Taylor at YouTube.

Former location of the Coach & Horses, Belle Vue Street (c) Pugh Auctions.


  1. Called in here many times over the years. Sad, but not surprising, when it closed.

  2. I went in the pub on 4th of July 1992 and had a very nice drink of Robinsons bitter.

    I also took a very nice colour photo of it on the same day,i am sure i sent it to you Dan,but it will resend it if you want to use it.

  3. My dad worked at Belle Vue after the war, he took me in there sometime in the mid 70's and the landlord and landlady still remembered him! they must have run the pub for years.