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Monday, 20 June 2011

Tilted Falcon, Kincardine Road

Another of Manchester's inner city estate pubs that have been lost to the communities they once served with distinction.  Tilted Falcon was a two-roomed Banks's house that served Banks's Bitter and Mild.  The Tilted Falcon stood at the corner of Kincardine Road and Dryden Street, just off Upper Brook Street / Plymouth Grove, and was not far from the better known Plymouth Grove pub, which is somehow still standing just a hundred yards or so away.

Former location of Tilted Falcon, Kincardine Road, Ardwick. (c) Adam B. at flickr.

A few years ago, probably around 2008, the Tilted Falcon was demolished to make way for housing.  It's sad that as more housing is built, it seems that the more pubs close in inner city Manchester.  The aforementioned Plymouth Grove, and the likes of the Bowling Green, SherwoodKings Arms, and more, have all gone the some way as the Tilted Falcon in recent times.  It's pictured by Alan Winfield at Pubs Galore.


  1. Smart? Dog-rough, more like. I once saw a bloke topple off a bar stool in here because he was so pissed.

  2. That was the description I got yesterday when discussing it!

  3. I say as i see.
    When i visited this pub i thought it looked quite smart and i was happy enough having a drink in there.
    I have been in far rougher pubs than that while drinking in Manchester.