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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lord Nelson's final stand

Lord Nelson, Newton Street, demolished May-June 2011. (c) Pubs of Manchester. 

The Lord Nelson on Newton Street is no more.  Few tears will be shed for the loss of a public house that barely lived up to the name in its final few decades, but I'm sure some of the Ancoats locals were fond of the place.  Indeed, as we snapped it mid-demolition we noticed a few people had scrawled messages on the pub's crumbling walls condemning the decision to pull down what was a structurally sound and rather impressive building.  This little unheralded piece of Manchester history will no doubt be replaced by badly constructed flats or nondescript offices.  Lord Nelson, RIP.

Lord Nelson, Newton Street. (c) googlemaps.


  1. Unlike the Crown & Kettle, it won't be missed.

  2. CUSHION, not Kettle.

    God forbid.

  3. whoever owns the land on which it stood is now enjoying some revenue from car parking, probably making more than they did in beer sales towards the end.

  4. I used to drink there and they did a mean hotpot