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Monday, 13 June 2011

Ace of Diamonds, Oldham Road

Ace of Diamonds, Oldham Road, Miles Platting. (c)

This pub was previously known as the Bird In Hand, but as the Ace of Diamonds it was brought to the national attention when it was heralded the Manchester HQ of the British National Party as the landlord ran for election for the BNP.  Subsequently, their odious leader, Nick Griffin, held press conferences here and the Ace of Diamonds, which was a well-used Miles Platting local, gained unwanted notoriety in the local and national press.  As a result of the BNP link, the pub was suddenly included in the Compulsory Purchase Orders in the area in 2009.  

Ace of Diamonds fire, Oldham Road, 2010. (c) IlluminatiManchester at youtube.

Even more mysteriously, on the 2nd April 2010 the Ace of Diamonds burnt down in what some claim was politically-motived arson.  A few yards up Oldham Road is the old Obsorne Theatre, also known as the New Osborne and Thunderdome, now sadly derelict but with a fine history of hosting Joy Division, New Order et al back in the day.


  1. Gulp - that's a heck of a history!

  2. Indeed, it was dodgy enough that it was suddenly captured in the CPO. While supporting the principle behind targeting the people who were using this boozer for "political" means, I can't condone the destruction of the pub itself!

  3. Controversially made it into the GBG, although it wasn't the sort of pub you'd wish to frequent, anyway.