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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bowling Green, Grafton Street

Bowling Green, Grafton Street. (c) Adam B. at flickr.

Never paid the Bowling Green a visit, but by all accounts it was a quiet and largely empty boozer in recent years which led to its closure in April this year.  Real ale was apparently on offer [1] and in this one-roomed boozer which had a beer garden out the back, presumably the old bowling green itself [2].  

Bowling Green, Grafton Street (c) Alan Perryman at flickr / East London Drinker.

Under competition from the nearby Grafton Arms, a Holt's house, and the various other cheap, student-friendly pubs along Oxford Road, it's no real surprise to see the likes of the Bowling Green struggle and eventually shut.  The East London Drinker blog about the Bowling Green is worth a read [1].

Bowling Green, Grafton Street. (c) ManchesterHistory.


  1. A shame because as late as last year, I was still calling in here. I thought it was a better boozer than the Grafton, and if anything, of recent, the ale had been very good. However, it always struggled and out of season, it really was a sad sight.

  2. Went in there a few times over the years, had a good lunchtime crowd and served Ok food and appeared popular both with hospital employees and people from over the road at the university. However always appeared to me to keep strange opening hours and would be closed when you thought it'd be open. Sorry to hear it's closed.

  3. In process of being demolished, to make way for expanded A & E according to planning docs