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Tuesday 21 June 2011

Druids' Home, Silk Street

Former Druids' Home, Silk Street, Salford. (c) Eddie_Manchester at flickr.

The Druids' Home was a popular late 1960s Salford estate pub, built by Wilsons Brewery to replace an original Druids Home, on Silk Street just off Blackfriars Road - at least it was in the mid '70s when the Manchester Pub Guide covered it [1].  Cabaret turns, loud music, a young clientele, garish wallpaper and plastic seating in the large front lounge bar complemented electric pumped Wilsons bitter and mild, Carlsberg, Watney Red and Guinness.  A haven to the rear was the vault with darts and dominos, the Druids Home was described as "the pinnacle of the modern housing development style" of pub [1].

In the early 1980s, the Druids' Home turned into a Samuel Webster house and a few years later Banks's Brewery owned it.  Closing in 1987, Banks's soon announced that they had given up the licence for the Stowell Spire on Howard Street / Eccles New Road.  Although no longer a pub, the Druids Home still lives on today as a youth centre.

Former Druids' Home, Silk Street. (c) Google 2011. View Larger Map.

1. The Manchester Pub Guide, Manchester and Salford City Centres (1975).


  1. My mam and dad managed it!

  2. Used to go looking for my dad in the Druids. I was only small. Lived on Walter Southern, Cannon street, told me stop, mustn't have been a good look for him!

    1. My grandad, sid knight used to make me cross over the road from the druids, because he said it was dangerous!!

  3. was there ever a pub on the corner of silk st/blackfriars rd

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  5. when my grandad took me to mocha parade (KWIKSAVE) from walter southern on a saturday afternoon , he used to cross the road at the druids warning me to steer clear of it and i was only 9 !!

  6. My dad took me in here for years £25 to the winner of the pool competition every Thursday I won most weeks lol I was 12