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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Trevelyan Hotel, Corporation Street

The Trevelyan Hotel only exists in the form of this line drawing from the archives.  This depiction of the hotel on Corporation Street is described as "from Memus, vol 7, page 29" in the 1880s [1].  Looks like the Trevelyan goes back further than the 1915 and 1849 maps on which it's not listed...


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  1. The Trevelyan was a temperance hotel that opened in February 1865. An ad in the Manchester Guardian on 27th Feb that year reads:
    "The new Temperance hotel, the Trevelyan, Corporation St Manchester, Now Open. Large and handsome coffee-room, Commercial room, Ladies' coffee-room, Billiard and Smoke-rooms. Excellent public restaurant attached. Hot Joints from twelve to four."
    A Trevelyan Temperance hotel building still exists in Leeds, on Boar Lane. It appears to be a similar architectural style to the building in the drawing shown here.