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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

146. Gaslamp, Bridge Street

Gaslamp, Bridge Street. (c) citylife.

Blink and you'll miss this place, literally.  Indeed it took us a little searching and a re-check of the address to find it but it was worth it when we did.  It's actually about four doors down from the Bridge, although it is underneath the current block, reached by a set of stairs, which appear to disappear into the very bowels of the city.  A small sign outside and a brass gaslamp are the only giveaways to its location.  Once downstairs, it's two rooms with a large main bar area and a further smaller more intimate room at the back.  This also doubles as the function room should you require to book it, though you wouldn't want it to be a huge party as it would be a bit crowded.  The main room, is bigger with plenty of seating and a large bar at one end.  The whole premises reminds me a little an old air raid shelter and the polished period tiles add to this effect.  But don't let this put you off, as the Gaslamp carries it off superbly.

Gaslamp, Bridge Street. (c) citylife.

As far as beer is concerned, only one real ale was available during our visit, which was a Brewdog's superb 5AM Saint (red and hoppy) which was well kept and served unusually in a dimpled pint pot which was a nice touch.  There is also a large selection of bottled lagers and a couple of draught foreign lagers also, and according to the Gaslamp website they've had plenty of real ales on since.  So to conclude, a fine little bar which I hope succeeds.  If there was one particular problem, is that it perhaps wants to be a Northern Quarter bar without actually being there.  Whether this will hold it back in the future, only time will tell, but it deserves a good crack at it.  Hopefully its success will breed a new area of bars in this area of town which is sadly lacking in decent places to drink.


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