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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Railway, Pomona Strand

Railway, Pomona Strand, Cornbrook, 2006. (c) Steve Brough.

This is one of my favourite lost pubs for a few reasons.  Firstly because it's not quite lost, still part-standing defiantly in this run down area between Old Trafford and town, its sign still proudly displaying Bass but with trees and bushes growing in the open air vault and lounge.  See Alan Winfield's photo at Pubs Galore for the Railway in happier times.

Railway, Pomona Strand / Dinton Street, Cornbrook, 2006. (c) Steve Brough.

It's also hidden from view despite being just off one of the main roads in Manchester, the A56 Chester Road, just around the corner from the still open Pomona Palace.  You would be able to see it from Chester Road but for the wooden fence covering the side of the old pub facing onto Pomona Strand these days.  However, as recently as 2006 the the front was viewable.

Railway, Pomona Strand, Cornbrook, 2006. (c) Steve Brough.

The corner location of the Railway (left) on Pomona Strand and Dinton Street, and its proximity to the Pomona Palace (far right), is best seen from above.  The Railway is probably only a regular sighting for those who use Cornbrook tram station, including the few fools who often jump on an Eccles tram from town, despite being Sale-bound, just for the sake of it to take in the views from the isolated stop.  

Railway, Pomona Strand, Cornbrook - from Cornbrook tram stop. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

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