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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Factory Tavern, George Street

Factory Tavern, George Street, Salford. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

Islington Way runs south off the west end of Chapel Street today, and is so-named after the old name of this part of old Salford - Islington. The street was formerly known as George Street when it had one pub and five beerhouses.  The Factory Tavern stood on the corner of Barrow Street and George Street, opening in 1824 before passing to Threlfalls around the turn of the century.  The brewery rebuilt the Factory Tavern with a grand tiled frontage but the pub closed in 1938 and its licence transferred to the (now demolished) Oakwood on Lancaster Road [1].  The spot where the Factory Tavern used to stand is on the left, below.

Former location of Factory Tavern, Islington Way (George Street), Salford. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

1. Salford Pubs Part Two: Including Islington, Ordsall Lane and Ordsall, Oldfield Road, Regent Road and Broughton, Neil Richardson (2003).

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