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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bush Hotel, Deansgate

The Bush Hotel, Deansgate. (c) Neville Bradley with kind permission .

The Bush Hotel used to stand where the House of Fraser (better known as Kendalls or Kendall Milnes) is today on Deansgate.  It stood in the middle of the department store block today, and was joined by other pubs, clothes shops and an opticians [2].  The Bush Inn, as it was originally called, was ran by James King in the mid 1840s [1].  It was later known as the Bush Hotel and was run by Cecil Burrows around 1910; Cecil is on the WWI memorial plaque in St Anns Church and the photo above is kindly supplied by his great nephew, Neville Bradley.  The photo is thought to be around a hundred years old, dating from around 1910, judging by the appearance of the car.

Former location of Bush Hotel, Deansgate. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

1. Manchester (Oxford Street & Gaythorn) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2010).
2. Manchester City Centre 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2008).

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