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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Copenhagen, Oldham Road

Copenhagen, Oldham Road, Newton Heath. (c) David Dixon at geograph under Creative Commons.

The Copenhagen has recently closed its doors for seemingly the last time, another sad reminder of the never-ending demise of pubs and pub culture on these shores.  Once a Wilsons house, as pictured below, the Copenhagen ended its days signed up as a Vaux pub on this corner of Oldham Road and Copenhagen Street.   Vaux were actually bought by Whitbread in 2000, and by then the latter had given up on pubs, so the pub may have been a freehouse for the last few years.  The Copenhagen is shown here in 1961 (note the Wilsons rugby advert), 1970 and even in decent shape in 2008, despite having been closed for a while.  

Copenhagen, Oldham Road, Newton Heath, 2011. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

1. A History of Wilsons Brewery 1834-1984, Neil Richardson (1983).

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  1. Hi does anyone know who owns this building?