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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Upton Hotel, Upton Street

Upton Hotel, Upton Street, Ardwick, 1930s. (c) Bot Potts [1].

The Upton Hotel, a Threlfalls house, was situated on the corner of Mornington Street and Upon Street just off Stockport Road near Ardwick Green.  Shown above in the 1930s with a ghostly faced peering out of the window, by 1970, the year it closed, it was looking rather sorry for itself with the very same windows put through.

1. The Old Pubs of Hulme & Chorlton-on-Medlock, Bob Potts (1997).


  1. I grew up next door to this pub in the 1940's and 50's. My father worked as a boiler-maker for Threlfalls and rented the house right beside the pub on Mornington St. from them. Our front gate is the first opening after the pub on the right. My father said that Threlfalls kept a flock of geese to guard the brewery yard at night.
    I remember going into the off-license door on the right at the end of the pub, and reaching up - hardly tall enough - to put down a penny (or perhaps a ha'penny) for a 'bag of crisps'. They had the twist of blue paper with salt inside which you had to find so that you could salt the crisps.
    Every Guy Fawkes night the local youths built an enormous bonfire in the middle of the intersection in front of the pub. Mattresses, tyres, wardrobes, everything went on it!
    We emigrated to Australia in 1955 as 'ten pound tourists'. It was a great adventure for an eight year old! My father promptly got a job with a brewery there and kept it till he retired - much to the annoyance of my mother who was hoping for something 'higher class'!
    I went back in 1970 and they were demolishing the whole neighbourhood. The day I was there the pub and half our house were the only thing standing in a wastland of bricks, timber and concrete.

  2. Steve s
    We lived in this pub in the late 50's early 60's I still remember chatting to the firemen in the station down the road. My parents also ran the radnor hotel in hulme and the wellington inn, all saints.

    1. I was born on Upton Street in the early 50s. My Dad Dennis Harney was a regular in this pub with Dick Smith who lived over the road from us. I ended up joining the fire service and retired after 30 years

  3. My dad George Jackson was born in the pub 1920

  4. My dad was Dick Smith,we lived in Elton street just opposite the Upton ,many memories,shame a community was lost

  5. My dad was Dick Smith,we lived in Elton street just opposite the Upton ,many memories,shame a community was lost

    1. My dad was dick smith I was a little girl then. Happy days.