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Sunday, 11 March 2012

185. Bradford Inn, Bradford Road

Bradford Inn, Bradford Road, Miles Platting. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr under Creative Commons.

The Bradford Inn is not a new pub for us by any means, but it's been a good 7-8 years since we last visited this basic Holt's estate pub in the shadow of the gasometer and City's ground.  Back then we were trying to find a decent pre-match boozer to settle on (this eventually led to another Holt's house, the Grove in Clayton), but on this particular occasion we just wanted a good pint after the Spanking Roger and Navigation.  Seeing as it wasn't yet 1pm, the lounge was closed so we settled on pints of bitter in the vault along with a couple of old locals and early match day drinkers.  The walls were adorned with football memorabilia, mainly of the blue variety, and the decor is the classic old fashioned Holt's bench seating.  As with most pubs from the finest of the Manchester family brewers, the Bradford Inn is a simple and welcoming boozer than serves good ale at reasonable prices.  If only other brewers and the parasitic Pub Co.s could follow this simple business plan.

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