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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

187. Molly House, Richmond Street

Molly House, Richmond Street. (c) Molly House.

A welcome and much-needed addition to the Gay Village, the Molly House is a two floor pub with tea room on the first floor, a bordello (bar) and verandah (outdoor drinking area) on the second.  Whilst not alone with its gay-friendly camp decor, it is the only pub or bar in the area to offer decent cask ale.  Four or five handpumps offer a good selection of mainly local ales in dimpled pint pots.  We opted for a New Zealand-hopped pale ale and it was in good condition and priced reasonably at just under £3.  Details of the latest beers on at the Molly House are found on the beer and ales section of the website.  The Molly House clearly welcomes straight customers as well and we felt more at home in here than most of the pubs in the Village, bar the unisex toilets - call us old-fashioned. 

Molly House, Richmond Street. (c) Molly House.



  1. Dimpled pots?

    Would you get a funny look if you asked for a straight glass?

  2. depends if you look funny...