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Friday, 16 March 2012

Cheetwood, Derby Street

Cheetwood Hotel, Derby Street, Cheetwood, 1988. (c) Alan Winfield with kind permission.

The Cheetwood Hotel was an old Joseph Holt's house on Derby Street in an industrialised part of Cheetwood off Cheetham Hill Road.  It's pictured in 1969 and although it's not clear when this fine-looking pub was lost, it probably lasted into the 1990s as it's shown above and mentioned in a 1988 article [1]. 

Cheetwood Hotel, Derby Street, Cheetwood. (c) London Gazette [1].

The pub is also listed as the Cheetwood Arms in the 1989 CAMRA guide [2].  From the photo above, it's it's possible to work out exactly that the Cheetwood used to stand on the corner of Cheetwood Street and Derby Street (in the news this year, labelled by the Town Hall as Manchester's dirtiest street [3]).

Former location of Cheetwood, Derby Street. (c) Google 2012. View Larger Map.

2. Ale of Two Cities, Real Ale & Real Pubs in Manchester and Salford, CAMRA (1989).


  1. Remember going in here when I first started sampling Holts. Must've been around 1990. Thought it must have been a figment of my imagination... as i've tried locating it several times.

  2. The Pub was definatly open on 7 December 1988 as i had a drink in it and also took a photo of the pub and the Holts bitter was really nice just has it should be.

  3. Wow! I remember falling in through the door of this place sometime in the early 90s and found the best Holts I had ever tasted being served. I went back some years later and could not find it. Like Red Rose I almost thought it had been a dream! A very sad loss.

  4. One and only visit was in 1991, i never realised this pub was lost soon after this. A great pint of Holts with the Brewery just a stones throw away.